Today, we are proud to announce the next steps in our quest to build Canada’s next billion-dollar venture capital firm. Panache Ventures is acquiring San Francisco-based Commonwealth Ventures to help our portfolio companies reach their growth targets even faster. We are also announcing the launch of Panache Ventures Fund II, targeting 75+ companies with initial investments of up to $1M.

Our mission is to back the most ambitious founders and support them in building industry-defining companies. Through this acquisition, our entire portfolio will benefit from Commonwealth’s proven Silicon Valley fundraising and growth programs.

We’ve interviewed thousands of Canadian founders over…

By: Tim Kwok and Sarah Willson

Historically, community-building solutions have been agnostic in nature, creating spaces for every-one to connect about any-thing. One-size-fits-all platforms like Facebook and Clubhouse make it possible for anyone to create and join communities that align with their interests. However, as those of us in the startup ecosystem are well aware, having a target market of “everyone” can be deadly; building for everyone often means building for no one. This is not to say that these platforms can’t and haven’t been successful. …

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À propos de Panache Ventures

Panache Ventures est un fonds de capital-risque d’amorçage de 58 millions de dollars. Panache est dirigé par une équipe d’opérateurs expérimentés, ayant de solides antécédents en matière d’investissement, des années d’expérience en VC institutionnel et de solides réseaux au Canada, dans la Silicon Valley et au-delà. L’entreprise investit dans des startups technologiques à fort potentiel, en mettant l’accent sur l’IA, le commerce électronique, la fintech, la santé et le SaaS. Panache Ventures est présent à Montréal, Toronto, Calgary et Vancouver, ce qui en fait le seul fonds de pré-amorçage/amorçage couvrant l’ensemble du Canada.

L’entreprise dispose d’un ensemble…

By Prashant Matta, Partner

Rather than making predictions in the current unpredictable environment, we thought it would be more insightful to learn from Panache Ventures’ portfolio companies in the eCommerce sector:

A French version will follow.

LOCATION: Montreal, QC or Toronto, ON

TYPE: Full-Time Employee

STARTING: Q2 / 2020

The Firm:

Panache Ventures is Canada’s most active seed-stage VC firm. The firm has a founders-first philosophy, a commitment to diversity and strategically co-invests with smart angel investors and seed-stage funds.

The Role:

Panache Ventures is looking for an Investor Relations Manager. In this role, you will build relationships with accredited high-net-worth individuals, family offices, fund of funds, corporate, strategic, and institutional investors.

Individuals with a passion for the tech startup ecosystem in Canada, who are bilingual (English and French) and possess…

Panache Ventures

Canada’s most active seed stage venture capital firm

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