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  • Open Cap Table Coalition

    Open Cap Table Coalition

    The Open Cap Table Coalition aims to improve the interoperability, transparency, and portability of startup cap table data.

  • The Quantified VC

    The Quantified VC

    building the future with open source robotics | devil's advocate & intergalactic mathemagician | venture capital & startups 🔢 calculus > statistics

  • David Spinks

    David Spinks

    Founder of CMX. Helping good people build great communities.

  • Jérémie Beaulieu

    Jérémie Beaulieu

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Jonathan Belisle

    Jonathan Belisle

    Co-Founder of stories of a Near Future (storiesofanearfuture.com), Author of wuxiathefox.com // Inventor of calmr.io // Design Ops & UX/CX Director @ Leeroy.ca

  • Marie-Gabrielle Ayoub

    Marie-Gabrielle Ayoub

  • Christian Beaubien

    Christian Beaubien

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